Short Hiatus
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Short Hiatus

Mon, 16th Mar, 2020

BMR on Mon, 16th Mar, 2020

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So this was a tough decision to make. I'm going to have to go on a hiatus of maybe a week or two. Currently dealing with some real life stuff, and can't devote as much time to the comic as I'd like to. So rather than pushing out sub-par stuff, I'm going to take a short break. Apologies for the delay, hope to see you again soon!

PS - No, I'm not sick, but the entire virus thing is playing into things as well. As always though, stay safe everyone!

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Jeremy7 on Mon, 16th Mar, 2020

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Best of luck!

Wartooth on Mon, 16th Mar, 2020

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Wishing everyone the best.

Thracecius on Tue, 5th May, 2020

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Everytime I look at this I can't help but have a certain song from "Sound of Music" pop in my head:

"So long,
Aufweidersehn, goodnight!
Adieu, Adieu, to you and you and you!"


BMR on Wed, 6th May, 2020

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Heh :) Hopefully, we'll be back soon. It's taken longer than I'd hoped, lots of real life stuff getting in the way and preventing me from spending the time I need to get things running again. Soon though!

a request

navegar on Fri, 8th May, 2020

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So, I love your story line.
I have a real problem picking up the drift of what is happening with no dialogue. Any chance you could grant us a summary narrative of what and who is happening in this Druids chapter. Best and hope your able to recommence soon.

Wanna-be Necromancer

Johnathan on Sun, 20th Dec, 2020

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Came across this a short time ago, just finished reading it!. I see the hiatus has been going on longer than expected. Hope your real life stuff is going ok, and I hope this updates soon!

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