04-24 Poised as a Pickle, Cool as a Cucumber
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04-24 Poised as a Pickle, Cool as a Cucumber

Thu, 14th Nov, 2019

BMR on Thu, 14th Nov, 2019

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You know, that's an interesting conundrum. If an assassin shows that he's perfectly capable of killing someone of royal blood, and you yourself are of royal blood, is it a good idea to keep that assassin around? I guess if you could keep the assassin loyal, then perhaps, yeah. Kin-slaying aside, Orvar does seem to be a decent boss, so maybe he could pull it off. Who knows though?

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Thracecius on Thu, 14th Nov, 2019

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Okay, Joakim has proven he's got his wits about him and that his father is making sure he's properly educated. I think it's time for Mister High-and-Mighty to think of a career change, even if the obvious counterargument would be that once he's accepted a contract, he should carry it out so that he can still find work *and* not incur the wrath of his contracted employer.

A question that's been bugging me for awhile now though: why is a druid an assassin? Does he do it because he thinks it's a good way to destablize the empire in hopes it will collapse, or is he just strange for the typical nature-lover magic user?

...(RockB) on Thu, 14th Nov, 2019

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I like to think it's not only the bravery in the face of a certain death but also getting grip on the situation, a good judgement of the enemy and their situation and getting the idea that has the best chance to work, plus the wits to get the message across - that is royalty! I have to admit that I underestimated Joakim (and of course your writing of him) very much. Kudos! (I'm still thinking that the chances are not so great but I'm not an imperial prince.)

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