03-15 Everything in Moderation
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03-15 Everything in Moderation

Mon, 2nd Sep, 2019

BMR on Mon, 2nd Sep, 2019

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This is exactly me as a little child. Going on a trip? Well, I need to bring my Donatello toy, of course. And it goes without saying that I'll need samurai Leonardo as well, because we can't separate them, now can we? Cave-turtle Leonardo has to come along as well. What do you mean I already have a Leonardo? That one is clearly samurai Leo, while this is a completely different Leonardo. I need these books as well. Yes, I do need fifteen books, what if I finish the first one and have nothing to read? Doesn't matter that we're only there for two days, reading is important! And trench coat Donatello is also different, as is transforming Donatello.

Well... maybe not that bad, but you get the picture.

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