03-32 Cliffhangered!
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03-32 Cliffhangered!

Wed, 25th Sep, 2019

BMR on Wed, 25th Sep, 2019

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Oh no! Anna!

And on that particularly uneventful note, we close the third chapter, heh. As with previous chapters, we'll be taking a break while I rebuild the buffer. So far, this chapter has shown me that I can indeed keep up with five pages a week, with a Monday to Friday update schedule. So we'll continue on with that in chapter four. So, something to look forward to.

Anywho, for the next few days, we'll be getting extra lore pages while I take a break. Ashface's Daughter will return to it's regularly scheduled programming on October 14!

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Haegan2005 on Wed, 25th Sep, 2019

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lol. Fair ending that!

...(RockB) on Mon, 14th Oct, 2019

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Hnnnnnng!!! How could you, that's cruel! Poor Anna, lying there for... weeks (nearly), surrounded by hungry beasts and the rescuers are taking their time... ;P

BMR on Mon, 14th Oct, 2019

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Hehe, yeah, I'm a cruel bastard like that ;)

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