Great House Vieran
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Great House Vieran

Mon, 30th Sep, 2019

BMR on Mon, 30th Sep, 2019

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Thus far, we've only seen a couple of elves, Deryn and Aldebrand, though only the former could have managed to walk around unchallenged in this duchy. Well, provided she put on some shoes, at least. This duchy is where typical high elves are found. And no, in this 'verse, I'm not going to have elves as immortal. Long-lived, sure, but not immortal. They average 250-300 years in this setting, though older individuals are not unheard of. Some may even reach 500 years, but that would be the equivalent of a modern-day human reaching over 110. Certainly possible, and in fact Wikipedia's list of oldest humans ever doesn't have anyone below the age of 110. But also definitely not common. So if you met a 500-year old elf, you'd be just as impressed as seeing some dude at 120 walking around. You wouldn't say, "That's impossible!" you'd prolly instead say, "Woah, that dude is old!"

As for whether or not we'll actually visit this duchy in later chapters... we'll see. We definitely will see more of Central Aldania, and seeing as how this duchy is right next door we might indeed visit it one day.

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Thracecius on Tue, 1st Oct, 2019

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How charming for the official historian to refer to elves as a "lesser" race. :P It's certainly a turnaround from most fantasy worlds. The only one I know of where they are treated as second class citizens (or worse) is the BioWare Dragon Age setting.

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