Great House Partelos
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Great House Partelos

Wed, 2nd Oct, 2019

BMR on Wed, 2nd Oct, 2019

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The Duchy of Great House Partelos. They're located pretty much in the center of the empire, giving them a pretty good strategic position. That said, they're not much for soldiering though, and tend to be among the more peaceful of the regions. Like the chronicler above mentions, they're the bread basket of the empire. Good location, good access to trade, great defenses, etc... make it so their agricultural prowess is unmatched.

People from this duchy tend towards red or brown hair, with green to brown eyes and every shade between. Think the likes of Anna and Tayeb. They do also tend to be shorter than most (and I can just hear Anna shouting, "I'm not little!") so Tayeb is a bit of an exception, considering how tall he is. It's not unheard of to get that tall though, but people would indeed take notice. I know the feeling, as I'm pretty tall for where I'm from, and I'm almost always guaranteed to be the tallest person in the room. So whenever I do meet someone taller than me, it comes as a surprise.

On a related note, you know what theme I like in fantasy stories? Faithful and loyal retainers waiting for the return of the One True Ruler™. Of course, that faithful and loyal retainer often dies in the end, but I kinda like the idea of one person standing up to all others, keeping his master's throne secure and safe. The Stewards of Gondor were one example, though not perhaps a single individual but a dynasty. Lucien from Sandman is another example that I really liked. There's just something really cool about some aging warrior, firm and devout in his loyalty, unwavering and brave that really gets me. And I just knew I had to include someone like that here, if only as some lore background. I doubt I'll ever actually show that character, but was fun to write about.

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Thracecius on Sat, 5th Oct, 2019

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It's always nice to imagine constant loyalty to good leaders when most of the world around us seems to despise it. It's a virtue that seems to be in short supply, though the truth is that it may have always been.

BMR on Sat, 5th Oct, 2019

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Yeah, I think that's one reason it's so admirable, because that sort of loyalty has always been a rarity. Just look at the kings and emperors of history, so much backstabbing and so many knives in the dark.

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