Northern Alliance
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Northern Alliance

Thu, 3rd Oct, 2019

BMR on Thu, 3rd Oct, 2019

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Way back when, I had also attempted to turn this setting into a war game of sorts. Kind like Risk, or Crusader Kings 2, but played via a forum as a play-by-post thing. At that time, the Northern Alliance was, militarily speaking, one of the weakest of the factions. However, their access to trade made them the richest, and their superior access to a navy made them a force to be reckoned with. That eventually changed though, with the "richest" title going to Central Aldania, followed by the Partelos and Vieran tied for second, and then the Alliance at third. They still retain a navy, sort of, but mostly as the working class for the ships whereas the officers tend to be elves from the Vieran duchy.

These guys will most definitely play a part later in the story, as they're one of the disgruntled client states that Joakim mentions at the start of chapter two. As to whether or not we'll actually go there, well, we'll have to wait and see.

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