Gromadar Principality
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Gromadar Principality

Fri, 4th Oct, 2019

BMR on Fri, 13th Sep, 2019

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Seems like every fantasy setting has to have a "frozen north", and I suppose I'm no exception, heh. But as it stands, the Aldanian Empire is already relatively far up north, so close proximity to a tundra isn't too ridiculously farfetched. It's from around here that Aldebrand is from. Though, in chapter two, he mentions he's from Gormadar, not Gromadar. That is a spelling mistake that I'll have to go back and fix.

Now, this is a place that we definitely won't be seeing anything of. Not in this comic, at least. It's across the sea to the north, and plotwise, there's nothing that will take any of the characters that far up. Which is kinda sad, as I do like me my frozen wastelands.

EDIT: So there was a slight hiccup when I was uploading pages. I accidentally had this page go up earlier than it should have. If you didn't notice, then forget you ever read this, heh.

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