Great House Xarkan
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Great House Xarkan

Mon, 7th Oct, 2019

BMR on Fri, 13th Sep, 2019

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This was a tricky faction to put together. Originally, in one of the first few drafts, this was supposed to be a duchy that was put together after the Master's War, and it's where all of the undead, monstrous races, etc... gathered and made their homes. I did the math though, and as the Master's War was only around thirty or so years ago, it didn't make sense for a duchy of this size to be that well-established. There would have been way too many problems of moving people around, building settlements, etc... While thirty years would have been enough to get some of it done, it's hard to imagine that it would be a well-oiled machine in that time, especially considering the size of the area. On the other hand, if the infrastructure was already in place, then that means that the Master's forces basically kicked out all the people who had been living there, and that goes completely against who I want the Master to be.

In the end, I scrapped the idea of a central area for all the "monsters", and instead they live throughout the empire, as pretty much anyone else does. Besides, the orcs and goblins and whatnot already had their villages, made no sense for them to just up and go somewhere else when they'd already called those places home for many generations. In the end, I went another direction, and made them the more tribal humans that the Gurak Duchy partially started out as. Now, they're close to being the "barbaric" auxiliaries to the "civilized" empire.

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