Feldanos Principality
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Feldanos Principality

Tue, 8th Oct, 2019

BMR on Fri, 13th Sep, 2019

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I'm not going to lie, this faction is my favorite. They're a client state to the empire, but have retained much of their freedom and self-governance. Kinda like Resdayn from the Elder Scrolls, better known as Morrowind. I also kinda took inspiration from the Gurkhas, where when the British army fought them, they were a frightening and ferocious foe. Afterwards, they basically went, "You know those guys that gave us so much trouble? What if we got them to work for us, how scary would that be?" Of course, that doesn't mean that the Feldanos are Gurkhas, of course. Just that I took elements from here and there.

Feature-wise, the Feldanos tend to be taller than people from Central Aldania, about four to six centimeters taller. Unlike the Gurak Duchy though, these people are consistently taller, and no one would ever mistake a Feldanos native for an Aldanian. The Feldanos all have black hair, with other colors being quite unheard of. Braids are pretty common, but this is seen as a "barbaric" practice among the ruling imperials.

They have a very strong martial tradition, and despite being dwarfed in size by the empire at the time, they were able to hold off any incursions into their land. Granted, they were never able to push into the empire in a counterattack, but it speaks to their ability that they were able to fight to a stalemate and force favorable terms for their incorporation into the empire.

Hartwig is an example of someone from the Feldanos duchy. Although, he is a bit of a rarity, as he's a Feldanos who happens to be on the short side. Don't tell him that though, as he's quite touchy about the subject and is liable to smack you upside the head. He has since lost his braids, as being an officer he did try to conform to the cultural norms of those around him. Will we see Hartwig with braids in the future? Maybe.

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