Ur Sefal Dominion
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Ur Sefal Dominion

Wed, 9th Oct, 2019

BMR on Wed, 9th Oct, 2019

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The Ur Sefal Dominion, probably my favorite out of my different settings. Granted, the Feldanos are my favorite within the Empire, but these guys are my favorite overall. They're somewhat based off medieval Moors, and the various Islamic Caliphates of the many, many crusades. Of course, they're not a one-to-one transplant, as that would be silly. There's a bunch of other stuff to them that hasn't been touched on in the comic, or in this (one-sided) blurb about them. In the future, I would love to do another story set in the Dominion, but first, we'll have to see Anna's story through to completion.

So, quick fun fact. I do this comic, I run play-by-post D&D/Pathfinder games, I dabble in game development, etc... Pretty much all of those are set in different locations within this pretty big con-world that I've put together. It has dozens of deities, different cultures, various races, and so on, all tweaked ever so slightly for whatever medium they're going to be in. I've run D&D games in the Ordale Empire and the island of Athelos, I've had a few Pathfinder games in Omalor Diarchy, Caeryn Republic, and Mardan Empire, I've got one video game in development set in the Marelan League and another in the Mornal Kingdom, and so on and so forth. So... yeah, I tend to dabble in quite a lot.

Mostly because my main hobby in all that is world-building. Pretty much all started as a kid, when I first picked up the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion in... grade school? I think it was? A sufficiently long enough time ago, at any rate. I also ran into Dune, which some call Sci-Fi's answer to the LotR (though whether or not that's accurate is a whole other debate I'm not willing to get into at the moment) and a bunch of other spec-fic works. Since then, I've been obsessed with world-building. Putting together cultures, societies, religions, etc... Doesn't matter that chances are no one will ever read any of it, it just gives me pleasure to be able to create. And this comic? It's a chance to share some of it with the rest of the world.

NOTE: I was wondering why this page wasn't showing up. Turns out, I'd accidentally set it to go live at 1000h rather than 0000h. My bad, should be fixed now.

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