04-02 Wolves!
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04-02 Wolves!

Tue, 15th Oct, 2019

BMR on Tue, 15th Oct, 2019

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Well, of course she wasn't going to get eaten. How could I have a comic titled "Ashface's Daughter" if I went and killed off Ashface's daughter? Heh, but yeah. Onto other stuff.

This features some of the art changes I've made. I went and changed how I did grass previously, with this more detailed version. It has slightly fewer vertices per blade of grass, but the overall area does have more vertices. I do like the look of the grass better now though, so I guess it's an ok trade-off. The ground itself has also changed from a relatively solid green to this more textured look. It still has hints of the cel-shading if you look closely, but I think I like it. I may still do some tweaks later on, as it's harder to see shadows on this material. We'll see.

Also, take that! Cancerous necromantic blast to the face! So, as a side-note, this will be discussed later on, but thought I'd share it now. It's not exactly important to know how the blast works, I suppose it suffices to go with "magical blast of energy" and that's perfectly fine. But it might be fun to learn more about it:

Each "field" of magic focuses on different things. Necromancy (Anna and the Master) focuses on "life energy" and animating things that were once alive. Enchantment (Deryn) is binding magical effects to objects, typical in conjunction with other fields of magic as well. Pyromancy (no one thus far) is, of course, dealing with fire and heat. Diviniation and it's subschools (Vigi) focuses on seeing things from afar, catching glimpses of the future, and other related things. And so on and so forth.

Because it's a dangerous world we (or rather, they) live in, it's almost a required ability to have an offensive spell of some sort. Of course, some branches of magic have it easier than others. Pyromancy, you create a great big fireball, or a ray of fire. Easy. Necromancy? Eh... not really its forte. You could animate zombies to do your bidding and tear the other guy apart, but that takes time.

Of course, necromancers are great healers, what with dealing with the dead and whatnot. That said, accelerate that healing to ludicrous levels? Supercharge everything to grow in an erratic and uncontrolled manner? You get basically a cancer blast. Or something similar. Of course, because you're basically doing super-charged healing, it takes a whole lot more of your magical energy. But when you really need to blast something in the face, you've got that option.

Against wolves, works pretty fast. A straight hit to the head and you basically destroy the poor thing's brain, killing it pretty quickly. Against a powerful druid who has command over growth and regeneration? It'll still work, but not quite as well. Besides, Baugulf can probably heal up from it pretty easily. We'll have to see how he deals with the effects of it later on.

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