04-06 And Flashback Start
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04-06 And Flashback Start

Mon, 21st Oct, 2019

BMR on Mon, 21st Oct, 2019

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She's got ribbons in her hair! And her dress is different! Though... that's about it. Some changes to the proportions of her body as well, and she's definitely shorter than regular Anna, but young Anna is still mostly the same. Though, granted, it's kinda hard to model all that much difference between twelve years old and however young Anna may be here. I'm going to say eight or so, but that may very well change. Suffice to say, it's "a few years ago", heh.

Also, full disclosure, I know absolutely diddly about skinning a rabbit and salting it to preserve the meat. I'm guessing that salt is involved, but beyond that? No real clue.

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Thracecius on Tue, 22nd Oct, 2019

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The process is relatively simple, but it takes time and a few basics to work properly. If you're curious, here's a link to a wiki page with other links to specific types of salted/cured meat:


BMR on Tue, 22nd Oct, 2019

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Oh, thanks! Always good to learn more about stuff.

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