04-12 It's That Guy Again!
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04-12 It's That Guy Again!

Tue, 29th Oct, 2019

BMR on Sat, 19th Oct, 2019

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It's Hartwig again! Man, it's been a while since we've seen his ugly, unshaven mug. As you may have seen from the title page, he's gotten a bit of a face lift. And texture-lift in general. Not too visible on this page, but should be more obvious on others.

One issue I have with this page is that I've been focusing a bit too much on repainting my "actors", and not quite as much time on my "sets". Thus, the trees look quite out of place. They'll definitely need reworking later on, as well as some tinkering to get them to look right. I'm thinking of using the technique I used for the grass, as that provided a pretty good effect. But the only issue I have with that is that the number of vertices might explode, which in turn will cause my render to explode my computer. I really need to upgrade my hardware, my current box is nearly a decade old. Sure, Sandy Bridge was a really good CPU, but it's still old. And having only 8 GB of RAM is pretty limiting.

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Thracecius on Tue, 29th Oct, 2019

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I'm reading this on Octoboer 28th, here on the West Coast of the USA. It's a glimpse of the future! ;)

BMR on Tue, 29th Oct, 2019

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Hehe, sorry again about the mixup when uploading these :)

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