04-15 It's those Other Guys!
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04-15 It's those Other Guys!

Fri, 1st Nov, 2019

BMR on Fri, 1st Nov, 2019

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It's those two guys! And featuring new materials as well! Though, granted, said materials aren't really all that visible right now, what with how zoomed out we are. You can kinda catch a glimpse of it in Frode's cloak, but it's a bit teensy here.

And speaking of new stuff, new trees! They had to take a lot of tinkering. First, I tried making a tree and then attaching a particle leaf system to it. That looked really great! But it pretty much exploded my computer any time I tried to use more than one tree. Tried particle branches next, same thing. Eventually, I just modeled the entire thing without a particle system. Did some clever (or at least I like to think it was clever) reductions in vertex counts, trying to get it as far down as I could. Unfortunately, this new model still has over twice the number of vertices as the previous tree model.

What's more, because those leaves are using an alpha mask while being projected onto planes, I had to rework my scene setup. If I didn't, you would have seen large rectangular outlines where the planes were, as the algorithm detects geometry edges, not render edges. Meaning, it would detect the edges of the planes, as it cannot detect where the alpha changes.

But... enough tech talk! Trees!

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Thracecius on Fri, 1st Nov, 2019

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Hey, at least they don't have the pervasive underbrush wherever they are like there is here in the Pacific Northwest. Unless someone has deliberately cleared an area, there aren't too many places in a forest around here where you can sit down and build a fire.

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