04-22 Fly, You Fool!
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04-22 Fly, You Fool!

Tue, 12th Nov, 2019

BMR on Tue, 12th Nov, 2019

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Oh, Frode, look at the state of you...

So, quick note. You know which enemies I really hate fighting against in video games or in tabletop stuff? Regenerators. Especially those who have really, really good regeneration, and there's no single silver bullet to overcome it. They just keep soaking up damage, and you just have to hope that your damage output is faster than their regeneration. The shoggoth from Cataclysm:DDA springs to mind. Those guys are just ridiculous to fight against. Hit them with machine gun fire from a mounted 50 cal turret, burn down the lab they were in, throw dozens of robots at them, explode them with C4, and bloody hell, they just keep regenerating and coming at you! I don't think I've ever killed a shoggoth in that game before.

And that's kinda what powerful druids are like in this 'verse. They can call on the power of nature and growth. So you need a ludicrous level of damage output to keep them down. Kinda like a bipedal, sapient kudzu. Chop it down, burn it, hit it with herbicides, and even then they'll eventually spring back up and come at you. Pretty much how I envision them here, they are among the most resilient of magic users. Necromancers can heal themselves and others up, but druids can just keep soaking up damage without a problem.

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Wartooth on Tue, 12th Nov, 2019

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Recruit the druid into your party!


Thracecius on Tue, 12th Nov, 2019

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So why is he going easy on Frode? Surely he saw that the kid ran away, so why bother fighting at all, just chase down the kid and ignore any damage if your regen is so crazy good? Something doesn't add up here, and it's certainly not Frode's lack of tactical analysis. He might be a bit slow, but at least he has courage, and that's all you need if you're the diversion.

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