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Mon, 2nd Dec, 2019

BMR on Mon, 2nd Dec, 2019

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You know, I just realized looking at this, there's a clipping problem with Aldebrand's cloak. I shall definitely fix that by the time Chapter 05 starts, but for these hiatus pages, I think I'll just leave it be for now.

As for elves, I never really subscribed to the D&D-esque bit where elves are more graceful and dexterous, but physically weaker. I subscribe more to Tolkien elves, where they tend to be stronger than humans (albeit with a few exceptions). But that's just me.

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...(RockB) on Mon, 2nd Dec, 2019

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*ggg* But how could he pout? It's mostly a facial expression and... uh... The Master doesn't really have a face that can do expressions, has he?

(Re: Elves, I like my elves noticeably taller than humans, more graceful, faster more precise in they way they move. And physically weaker but the average elf would win against the average human anytime. Personal preferences & imaginations...)

BMR on Wed, 4th Dec, 2019

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Through spoooooky lich-y magic, of course, hehe.

And yeah, lots of different interpretations of elves when it comes to them compared to humans, each one equally valid. This is just my take on them :)

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