Dark/Snow Elves
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Dark/Snow Elves

Tue, 3rd Dec, 2019

BMR on Tue, 3rd Dec, 2019

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No, dark elves are not drow in this setting. I don't think I even have any drow here. These guys all come from the north, where conditions are hellishly cold (is that an oxymoron? Who knows) and brutal. Similar I suppose to Gurkhas in real life, or the Fremen and Sardaukar in fiction.

So, I should mention the dates here. The Master mentions that Dark Elves split off some 3,000 years ago, and that back then, people were still using bronze weaponry. I like to think that the setting of Ashface's Daughter is somewhat analogous to the early 15th, late 14th century in the real world. So, full plate armor was emerging, while the coat of plates and mail is still a rather common thing. Full head to toe suits are still relatively rare in this setting. 3,000 years ago would set us at around 1,600ish BCE (assuming a current date of roughly 1,400 CE). By this point, in the real world, the Hittites were just developing iron weapons. Within a hundred or so years, we start to see Mycenaean culture emerge. So yeah, a rather long time ago. I doubt we'll ever go back that far in the actual comic, but I do like to keep my dates and time-frames realistic. It does kinda annoy me when fantasy writers expect me to believe that a kingdom has had medieval-level technology for ten thousand years without ever changing. We'll have none of that here, thank you very much!

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