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Wed, 4th Dec, 2019

BMR on Wed, 4th Dec, 2019

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And now we have a little blurb about orcs. So yes, they're of the same "stock" as elves, but every single orc has the true berserker curse, just like Hartwig does. Generations of living with the curse eventually did change them physically, giving us folks like Sardar. Over time, it changed them enough that they would no longer be called elves, but rather some other sub-race.

It's only touched upon here, but it does bear some discussion, to explain how Hartwig has the curse, despite not being human. As said above, the elven mage wove the magic throughout the city. It wasn't through the people in the city, but rather everyone in the location. So after the city was overrun, there was probably still some amount of the curse still lingering, like background radiation. So while it was no longer as strong as when first cast, there was still enough of it to infect a few humans. As it wasn't as strong, it's liable to skip generations or to not be passed on at all. For an unlucky few though, like Hartwig, it pops up, turning them into true berserkers.

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