High Elf
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High Elf

Thu, 5th Dec, 2019

BMR on Thu, 5th Dec, 2019

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And here we have the "stock" elves. As Deryn says, they're probably no longer quite the same as the original elves, what with how many centuries have passed. But the Master is also correct in that they're closest to the originals as can be ascertained. Either way, they're basically the "default" elves in the setting. There are definitely other elves out there, but we'll probably visit those another time.

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Thracecius on Thu, 5th Dec, 2019

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HA! Just be glad no one made a crack about High Eleves being called that because they are always stoned, which is something akin to what was done in Erfworld, which sadly is no longer updating.

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