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Fri, 6th Dec, 2019

BMR on Fri, 6th Dec, 2019

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So yeah, Frode is definitely wrong in his assumption that liches need to kill thousands of people in a single night and then drink their blood. There is a ritual (what it is, I'm not sure yet, as it's not really relevant to the story) but it doesn't involve sacrifice on that scale. As for why he has his phylactery on his head... well, that'll get discussed at a later date.

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Thracecius on Fri, 6th Dec, 2019

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Well, if it's on your head at least you know where it is at all times, right? Plus, who better to guard it than himself? Any person or creature guarding it could be killed, coerced, go rogue or just accidentally let slip the secret that it's The Master's phylactery, which would cause all sorts of issues. I trust that, having lived for over a thousand years, The Master has had time to not just think about the best way to protect it, but also to experience all the ways NOT to protect it. ;) undead pig named Sir Boaris? HA! I like this lich's sense of humor, even if a pile of magical talking bones with vast power creeps me out. :D

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