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Mon, 9th Dec, 2019

BMR on Mon, 9th Dec, 2019

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And here we have ghouls. Celik here is probably the oldest friend that the Master has who is still "alive". As is mentioned, most ghouls will go feral soon after first rising. While willpower can delay this, it's pretty much inevitable for all ghouls. The longest a ghoul might be able to hold it off is a century, but even then they would have to live as a hermit, completely avoiding any sort of temptation. The average time it takes is just a few months.

I went with hunger as their main theme, as ghouls originated in the Middle East in pre-Islamic Arab mythology, and there they were mainly characterized as freakish creatures who would lurk in graveyards, eating the flesh of the dead or of any living they managed to ensnare. Of course, I didn't take all the elements of that mythology, as I've got my own thing going on.

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Thracecius on Tue, 10th Dec, 2019

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Interesting about that pre-Islamic mythology, I don't recall if I'd heard it before, but I know that Africa has some very dark mythologies, some of it even scarier than Russian or Slavic mythology (rusalka, anyone?). It wouldn't shock me if the ghoul mythology began as someone witnessing cannibalism, especially since the tribes that practiced that tended to paint their faces in patterns that make them look frightening.

BMR on Tue, 10th Dec, 2019

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Oh yeah, definitely. Some of the stuff stuff I've read of the various cultures has some pretty creepy monsters/spirits/whatevers. Definitely a ton of relatively untapped stuff there. I really wish they'd show more of it in media, as opposed to the "standard" varieties. One can dream!

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