05-02 Wait, What Happened?
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05-02 Wait, What Happened?

Tue, 17th Dec, 2019

BMR on Tue, 17th Dec, 2019

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And here we are, back at Anna's house. But, what happened with the druid? Perhaps we shall never know, and it shall forever elude us from here on out. Well, either that, or it's coming up. One or the other.

On a related note: throwing knives. You know what irks me? In movies, where a "silent kill" is needed, so you've got a super-skilled ninja spy or something, chucking throwing knives or, even worse, throwing stars at someone, and they drop dead without a sound. Instantly. Without any fuss. Any time I see that, I just have to roll my eyes, as it takes me out of the moment. It would be like, using a slingshot on someone, and having their head explode like an overripe watermelon.


...wait, no, that might actually be silly enough to be cool to see, so bad analogy perhaps.

But back on track. Throwing knives.

When you throw a knife, you have to throw it in a consistent manner, so that you can gauge how many rotations you'll need for the knife to arrive point-first at the target. If you're fighting against a stationary wooden board, then there's no problem. You can keep the same stance and distance, and reliably hit the target each time. But that's at throwing distance. Even at knife throwing tournament levels, those distances are only anywhere from 7-16 feet or so. And if you're a super-skilled ninja spy trying to kill someone, and your target moves towards or away from you while you're throwing? Well, your knife won't hit the target perfectly point-first any more. Sure, it'll still hurt a lot, and the tip may still puncture, but it's no longer at an optimal angle for stabbing.

And really, how many places on a human body are there that could cause instant death like in movies? The eye maybe? If the knife goes into the brain. Or the sternum, perhaps, if you can throw hard enough to get through the bone. But those targets are tiny. Even modern snipers using fancy equipment have difficulty with targets that small. And if your target is moving, it's even harder. Throwing stars are even worse, as because of their star-shape, they prevent themselves from puncturing any more than an inch or so, and you're not killing anyone that way (without poison).

Again, it'll hurt perhaps, and sure, you might injure the other guy. But as Anna says, it's a really bad idea to throw your weapon away in a fight. There's a reason no cultures hunted large game with throwing knives and would instead use spears or bows. Because throwing knives are crap weapons.

Still, also like Anna says, they're loads of fun to throw. And that first time the throwing clicks and your knife thunks into the target? Oh wow, is that all kinds of satisfying. Now, I've rambled enough, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go dig my throwing knives out of storage.

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Thracecius on Tue, 17th Dec, 2019

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HA! You've just ruined cheesy Japanese ninja movies for me forever. Thanks. :P


BMR on Tue, 17th Dec, 2019

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Hehe, you're welcome ;)

...(RockB) on Mon, 20th Jan, 2020

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As a youngster, back then when they weren't illegal, I had some, 2 sort actually, beautiful tiny ones for a paper target and bigger ones for a wood target. We threw at short distances and still missed... the wall behind the target had dents... even though the stars were blunt. The small ones were quite harmless, the wouldn't go through a leather glove. But the big ones, a bit less than 3" (7.5cm) in diameter and a bit less than 1/4th of an inch thick (4mm), heavy iron - they were blunt but they chopped pieces off the chipboard we used as targets. We never thought of throwing them at anything other than that target, but thinking back, they might have done some damage to a skull when thrown at full force. Not lethal, but inflicting pain, fear and distraction, at worst they make the enemy dogde and hinder them at properly aiming at you while you are flying forward and hit them with your ninja sword...

Knifes, I know much less about them. But there is a cool webcomic that involves a scene with throwing knifes and a sheriff who is good with them. (It's The Pale, in case you don't know already.)

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