05-09 It's a Decent Plan
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05-09 It's a Decent Plan

Thu, 26th Dec, 2019

BMR on Thu, 26th Dec, 2019

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More talking! Man, this chapter is going to be full of talky-talky, it seems... And we still haven't seen the mad druid! Who's the hack writing this, anyway?

Heh, but in all seriousness, we will get to the druid soon. And, minor spoilers, we'll be seeing a lot of him, in on form or another, in the next chapter. dun dun DUN!

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Thracecius on Fri, 27th Dec, 2019

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For what it's worth, I'm more interested in this council meeting (for lack of a better discription) than the crazy druid. He'll appear again when and if necessary, I'm certain.

BMR on Fri, 27th Dec, 2019

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Heh, thanks. In fact, one of my favorite scenes from literature was the council of Elrond. Lots of people don't like it, because it was all just talky-talky-talky, but I found it to be rather captivating. But that might just be me, heh.

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