05-13 Poor Kitten
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05-13 Poor Kitten

Wed, 1st Jan, 2020

BMR on Wed, 1st Jan, 2020

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You know, it must be hard as a parent, knowing that your child needs help, but also knowing that there's nothing you can do to help. That must really tear him up inside. I know it'd do that with me.

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Thracecius on Wed, 1st Jan, 2020

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It does. Even worse, if you do leave them be, there's a chance they'll be hurt that you "weren't there for them", even if they know that they wouldn't let you help them. Being a parent is the best worst job a person can ever have, which is why people need to take it seriously and be dedicatedly responsible toward their duty as one. Some children grow up to be good adults because of their parents, others in spite of them, but all of us have personal challenges to face and it's easier when you have good parents to rely upon, even if you can't (or won't) accept their help.

That being said, I'm totally in Rainard's corner. Find the S.O.B. and put us out of his misery. Killing children is NOT okay.

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