01-18 Uh oh!
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01-18 Uh oh!

Sat, 18th May, 2019

BMR on Mon, 10th Sep, 2018

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Contrary to what's often shown in video games, getting hit with a crossbow bolt will almost certainly ruin your day.

This page took me quite a while go get together. It further reinforces the idea that I'm not managing my assets well. Come chapter two, I'm restructuring my entire .blend file to better manage assets. Hopefully, it'll help me keep track of poses as well as building up a library of them that I can use between armatures. Hopefully.

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...(RockB) on Sat, 25th May, 2019

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Depend where/how you get hit... but yes, it can be a serious mood killer.

(Oh this is done with Blender??! Wow! Totally doesn't look like usual 3D stuff :) I'm impressed! Even though I found this because of the forum posts you made, but really, it doesn't look like 3D stuff.)

BMR on Sat, 25th May, 2019

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Heh, thanks :) That really is the main rule I have for myself when making these, "It shoyld not look obviously 3D." So that's awesome to hear.

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