05-17 Courier Mission Start
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05-17 Courier Mission Start

Tue, 7th Jan, 2020

BMR on Tue, 7th Jan, 2020

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I wonder what the Master means about, "having to deal with nobles again"... Maybe we'll find out in a later chapter!

Heh, though, truth be told, I would really love to do comics with the backstories of each of these characters. I do have them all plotted out and documented on my (local) wiki, but thus far there hasn't been any way to shoehorn them in. That, and shoehorning backstories in for the sake of having them doesn't really do much to advance the plot. Like, sure, it might be interesting to see how Sardar and Deryn got together, but ultimately I decided it isn't relevant to the central plot.

Maybe I'll do bonus chapters one day? Maybe as a PDF download, or just an extra section. Who knows, we'll see.

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