05-18 Young Girls Have Picked Them
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05-18 Young Girls Have Picked Them

Wed, 8th Jan, 2020

BMR on Wed, 8th Jan, 2020

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This page does make me wonder if Ron Perlman would be a good match to play the Master, if by some miracle I ever make it to the big time. Granted, he's already played a lich before, but I was thinking more of the "War... War never changes..." line from the Fallout series.

Though... come to think of it, who would be a good voice actor for the Master? Maybe... Mel Blanc? Though that might be pushing it into the comedy aspect a bit too much. Jim Cummings? Might be a bit too Jim Cummings-y, though hearing the Master talk like Kaa would be neat. Rob Paulsen? Heh, just imagine the Master sounding like Pinky from Pinky and the Brain. Mark Hamill? Probably too evil, heh. Might be time for me to go watch some cartoons so I can figure out who would voice the characters.

Also, bonus points if you get the reference in the title! Though, I suppose this one is a whole lot easier than the previous one about Tuesday.

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felixp7 on Wed, 8th Jan, 2020

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That last line though. You'd think it was timed on purpose or something.

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