05-20 Touché
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05-20 Touché

Fri, 10th Jan, 2020

BMR on Fri, 10th Jan, 2020

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So, we didn't get to meet Prokopy this week, unfortunately. But fear not, he'll be reappearing soon!

Also, slightly unrelated, but I really wish I could get better shots of that thatch roof. I spent ages getting that to look right with as few vertices as possible. I do have double the RAM I had before, but now my bottleneck might be my CPU. I really need to upgrade one of these days, as my machine is nearly a decade old. When I do, hoo boy, all the crazy effects I'll be able to do!

Well, I can already do them now, but the rendering times kill me. And editing really slows down. Back when I only had 8 gb of RAM, just hitting CTRL+Z could cause Blender to completely lock up. Now, it only stutters a little, heh.

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Thracecius on Fri, 24th Jan, 2020

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Man, what is up with everyone having super heavy 5 o'clock shadow? I think your light sources went on strike. :D

BMR on Fri, 24th Jan, 2020

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Haha! Yeah, I was indeed experimenting with my lights in this scene. I definitely should go back and fix these, the lighting was being rather wonky. They'd look fine in the preview, but come render time, BAM! Weirdness =p

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