28 Sugary Rituals
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28 Sugary Rituals

Wed, 22nd Jan, 2020

BMR on Wed, 22nd Jan, 2020

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So that's why their dialogue was stilted! But yeah, I can't imagine keeping up something like that for thirteen years. That's a rather long time. Though, for races as long-lived as elves, orcs, and ogres, I'd assume they must feel somewhat shorter. Similar, I suppose, to how as you get older, years seem to pass by more quickly. When you were a kid, an hour could feel like a lifetime. Later on in life, "holy crap, where did the hour go!?"

Also, quick note, I made a mistake on this page. There, I say that Prokopy is 29. I probably misread my notes, as he's actually supposed to be 33. I'll go back and fix that older page some time.

Also, as to why Anna and Gül aren't taking part in the conversation, they grew up around Deryn, Sardar, and Prokopy, so they most probably already know the story. That, and they're both probably stuffing their faces right now.

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...(RockB) on Mon, 27th Jan, 2020

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That's... sweet on several levels. :-)

BMR on Mon, 27th Jan, 2020

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Heh, indeedy :)

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