29 Jinxing It
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29 Jinxing It

Thu, 23rd Jan, 2020

BMR on Thu, 23rd Jan, 2020

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And now we shift the scene! That prison is looking a bit sparse, but I'd imagine you wouldn't really want a bunch of potential weapons just sitting around here and there.

Also, I kid you, there's no jinxing it. Despite what storytelling convention would suggest, nothing bad will happen. They will indeed have many years of happy memories together, and all this will end with a lovely sit-down chat over a cup of tea, and there will be no conflict whatsoever.


No, really, your honor. Would I lie, to you?



Ok, fine, you got me. But we'll just have to see where things go.

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...(RockB) on Mon, 27th Jan, 2020

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Sh-should I mention the possibility of trust issues with someone making jokes with a dead straight face pretending he's all honest about what he said? Hmm, maybe better not, it might be only me...

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