Song List - Hartwig and Frode
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Song List - Hartwig and Frode

Mon, 3rd Feb, 2020

BMR on Mon, 3rd Feb, 2020

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These two were rather tough to choose for, as evidenced by Hartwig only having three songs. These ones are more lyrics-based, though the general feel of the music fits as well. Frode is definitely the more positive of the two. I like to think that Hartwig doesn't like dancing, but will join in from time to time. Unlike some people, who we'll see later on.

Also, on an unrelated note, I've been rebuilding my rigs, starting with my hand rigs. As well as rebuilding the models. Trade secret: I reuse hands for all characters. The Master has pretty much the same hand models as Anna, albeit with some pointy bits. Those hands are nearly two years old though, so I figured it was high time to redo both the models and the rigs. And you know what? Doing retopo on them is kicking my butt.

In fact, it was kicking my butt so much, I was even tempted to just fall back to the old models. Heck, I even (jokingly) considered doing the comic with no hands from this point on. And from that came a silly little doodle that you'll find in the TWC vote incentive if you care to have a looksee.

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