Song List - Aldebrand
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Song List - Aldebrand

Thu, 6th Feb, 2020

BMR on Thu, 6th Feb, 2020

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This is another one of those where it's more the sort of stuff the character listens to. So, quick side note, some time way back in the intermission pages for chapter 04, it was mentioned that Deryn is four years older than Aldebrand. If Deryn is 49 right now, that means Aldebrand is 45. The war was thirty years ago, so that means Aldebrand was only 15 when he fought, so something of a child soldier.

Well, not quite, but still rather young. I've always imagined Aldebrand as relatively easy-going, and perhaps not quite as educated as the others. He's not stupid by any means, just doesn't have as much book-learning. And as he came from the harsh north in his mid-teens, he would have been exposed to imperial culture and the sort while still really young. I like to imagine that he may have heard some classical, orchestral sorts of music in his youth, and he had absolutely no idea what any of it meant, but found himself drawn to it. Music with soaring, sweeping sounds, that are quite unlike the stuff he knew before. Also, I don't imagine him being pretentious about any of it. He'll readily admit he's clueless about any of the deeper meanings of the music, just that he likes the way it sounds.

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