Song List - Orvar
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Song List - Orvar

Mon, 10th Feb, 2020

BMR on Mon, 10th Feb, 2020

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Because of course that's what his theme song would be.

For Orvar, I like to think that he's the sort who doesn't really listen to music. Like, he can appreciate it, sure, but I feel like he doesn't actually see what the point of it is for him. Sure, he can appreciate that others may enjoy it, and he's probably trained himself to distinguish between good and bad music as per courtly tastes, but it's not something he'll go and seek out. His wife might enjoy it and he'll take her to a performance, sure. Heck, he'll even sing a lullaby to his young daughter to help her sleep. But for him? He probably feels it's much more relaxing to just have silence.

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...(RockB) on Mon, 10th Feb, 2020

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Of course! (I kinda despise classic music but still know some.) Didn't find enough to speak up on the previous pages but IMHO this one truly fits perfect.

Wartooth on Tue, 11th Feb, 2020

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