How Characters Are Made Part 02
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How Characters Are Made Part 02

Tue, 18th Feb, 2020

BMR on Tue, 18th Feb, 2020

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Retopology. when I was starting out, I absolutely hated doing this. Now though? I actually find it kind of fun.

When doing retopo, what you're basically doing is recreating a mesh on top of the one that you sculpted. But why, you ask, does one not start straight with doing the modeling with proper topology if you're going to be doing it all over again anyways?

Well, that's because when doing retopology, you're paying attention to the proper flow of all your loops. see those colored areas? Those are the parts that need to link together and flow nicely. And that takes practice and focus to get right (something which I'm still learning).

If you're trying to get the shape right as well as getting the technical flow right at the same time, it gets quite difficult. It's much easier to just focus on the artsy side of getting it to look right first, without having to worry about anything else. And once you've done that, it's just a matter of solving the puzzle of getting those loops in place. And guess what? I really love puzzles. Probably why I've come to enjoy doing it.

So what's so important about getting the flow right? It makes it so that when the surface moves around, you don't get any weird deformations and stuff. It also makes selecting things easier. With a single click, I can select the entire loop around her mouth. With that one on the top left? Fat chance. And that number of vertices can really slow a machine down. A good rule of thumb is to have as few verts as possible to convey the level of detail that you want.

Tomorrow, UV Unwrapping!

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