How Characters Are Made Part 04
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How Characters Are Made Part 04

Thu, 20th Feb, 2020

BMR on Thu, 20th Feb, 2020

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This is one of the reasons I switched over to this rendering/texturing style. I can get more detail in, with less geometry. The most prominent example would be her collarbones. See that first image at the top left? Her collarbone area has no definition at all. If I wanted to have them show up with the previous method, I'd have to actually model that area, which is a real pain. With painting? I can just... well, paint them in. Same goes for other details, like around her nose, the folds near her eyes, her lips, etc...

Another thing that I didn't mention in the page is bump maps. That's because I ran out of space. With a bump map, I basically paint just like normal, but this time only in black and white. This black and white stuff that's painted onto the model tells the render engine how elevated that part of the surface is. Black is really low, white is really high. That way, I can provide the illusion of extra detail, without actually adding it.

Of course, this method isn't perfect, as it will only look changed. For example, I could paint a black line under her eyes to make it look like there's a crease. Light will react with the area as if that crease existed, but if you angle the camera just so, you'll see that there's no actual crease there. For more high-res stuff, this is certainly a problem, so they'll use displacement maps (won't go too much into those here) which actually do add detail. However, for what I need to do? Those are a bit overkill. There are also normal maps, which are basically bump maps, but better and more modern. They're more difficult to create though, and regular, old-fashioned bump maps do the job I need them to do.

Tomorrow, Rigging!

Oh, and quick question. Is she recognizable as an adult version of Anna?

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Thracecius on Fri, 21st Feb, 2020

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Funny you should ask if she looked like an adult version of Anna, because I was just going to ask that question. :)

BMR on Fri, 21st Feb, 2020

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Haha! Awesome then :)

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