06-05 Another Day Closed
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06-05 Another Day Closed

Fri, 28th Feb, 2020

BMR on Fri, 28th Feb, 2020

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So, you might have noticed (or not) that the shadows are slightly different. I've recently made the move to using ray-traced lights and shadows for everything. It gives better results, I feel, but does take a bit longer to render. Ok, a lot longer to render. But it's feasible now, as I think I mentioned before that I recently doubled the amount of RAM I have. Had I tried ray-tracing before, Blender would chew up my memory and my computer would be unusable for a few hours. Now, it still chews up my memory, but at least I now have some to spare. When rendering these panels out, my memory usage was at around 14 gb out of 16. Back when I only had 8 gb, trying to render something like this would have exploded my computer.

Still, there are some issues, and looking at the panel now, those bricks look closer to the realism side of the real-stylized spectrum. Of course, they don't look real, just that they're further away from the painterly look that I want. This is partially affected by the ray-traced lighting, and partially by the new materials I've been tinkering with. On the other hand though, it's still progress, and I'll chalk it up to art evolution. Who knows? By the time we get to chapter 534 I might finally be satisfied with the look of it, heh.

(P.S. No, I don't actually plan on getting to chapter 534. That was just some random, large-sounding number. At 32 pages per chapter, assuming I don't take any breaks between chapters, and starting the count from the current chapter, getting to 534 would take another 65 years and 37 weeks. I have too many other stories to tell to devote that kind of time to just one story, heh.)

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Thracecius on Fri, 28th Feb, 2020

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Eh, live and learn, right? :)

My favorite 3D model using comic, Datachasers, also here on ComicFury, has used raytracing for the lighting I think, but I can't remember if the artist (Centcomm) still uses it, or if she is doing another method. She doesn't delve into the details too often unless asked, but I also don't think she's using Blender, so I don't know if she'd have any usefull tips or not. The comic has been running for over a decade though, so I'm sure she's picked up some handy lessons.

BMR on Sun, 1st Mar, 2020

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Heh, very true, yeah.

Far as I know, Datachasers uses Daz, but I could be wrong. I've tried that program out, but it couldn't really do what I needed it to do. Still a pretty great program though.

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