06-07 Ouchies
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06-07 Ouchies

Tue, 3rd Mar, 2020

BMR on Tue, 3rd Mar, 2020

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Ok, so I know this is kinda pointless asking it now, but to be honest, I wasn't quite sure. For this level of blood/injury, do you folks think I need a content warning?

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Wartooth on Tue, 3rd Mar, 2020

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I can't say for sure but this isn't too crazy violent. There is a possibility that it looks worse than it actually is given that we know this character is able to get much older than he is now.

Thracecius on Tue, 3rd Mar, 2020

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I don't know if I'm the best judge of the matter, but to me this is very tame when it comes to violence. Given the darkness of the color palette on these flashback comics to begin with, I don't see anything aside from the lines on his face that make me say, "that's not a normal feature". There's no blood on the ground, no limbs are bending the wrong way and there are no onomatopoeias or dialogue from the character indicating injury, so the reader just needs to follow the action and infer the damage done.

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