06-10 Healing
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06-10 Healing

Fri, 6th Mar, 2020

BMR on Fri, 6th Mar, 2020

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Will he make it? Will he heal up just fine? Will he forever be cursed with scars across his face which are only barely obscured by a big bushy bear-beard? Oh, the suspense, we may never know the poor boy's fate!

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Thracecius on Fri, 6th Mar, 2020

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Nah, totally fine. He just kept the scars to make him look tough. ;)

...(RockB) on Tue, 21st Apr, 2020

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Actually... when Baugulf transformed from the bear to a human, I thought that the scars were fresh from the fight. Now we learn that he had these scars since his youth. He and his master had decades to heal them and make them disappear. They were obviously able to do it - if Baugulf was able to heal all damage he received in the fight and fast than the damage could be done, he could have done it himself. But they didn't. This strikes me as a bit strange... One possible explanation would be that young Baugulf indeed decided to keep the scars to make him look badass.

But that contains a twist by itself because it was his own stupidity that got him scarred, he and his master know that first hand, since he was brought back to his parents in a bad state, they may also know it. So Baugulf had no good story to tell, he would need to lie all the time, knowing that several people know the truth.

Wartooth on Sat, 7th Mar, 2020

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I wonder if all druids are as powerful as Baugulf when he becomes one. Is it an all druids thing, or is it just a him thing?

BMR on Sun, 8th Mar, 2020

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We'll definitely be seeing more druids later on (or at least, I should hope so), so we'll just have to wait and see then, heh.

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