Short Hiatus
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Short Hiatus

Mon, 16th Mar, 2020

BMR on Mon, 16th Mar, 2020

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So this was a tough decision to make. I'm going to have to go on a hiatus of maybe a week or two. Currently dealing with some real life stuff, and can't devote as much time to the comic as I'd like to. So rather than pushing out sub-par stuff, I'm going to take a short break. Apologies for the delay, hope to see you again soon!

PS - No, I'm not sick, but the entire virus thing is playing into things as well. As always though, stay safe everyone!

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Jeremy7 on Mon, 16th Mar, 2020

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Best of luck!

Wartooth on Mon, 16th Mar, 2020

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Wishing everyone the best.

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