01-29 Not if it's Magic
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01-29 Not if it's Magic

Wed, 29th May, 2019

BMR on Mon, 15th Oct, 2018

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Yeah, so if you yank out an arrow like that in the real world, you probably stand a very good chance of outright killing your patient. If a grandmaster necromancer and his apprentice are on hand though? Meh, shouldn't be a problem.

And on the note of healing, that's something that's bugged me about a lot of games. Necromancy is often described as manipulating the life energies of stuff, so why wouldn't they be great, if not the absolute best, healers around? Of course, some argue that, "Oh, that's because necromancy is evil, so they can't do good things." To that, I say "bull."

If I were a hacker, I can certainly do terrible and destructive things if I were to go on a mad, destructive spree. But you're saying that I can't repair a grandmother's computer when it breaks down, or install some educational software on a child's computer? That because I've utilized my computer skill for evil, it somehow negates my understanding of computers and prevents me from doing something constructive? Bullcrap. That's why I've always subscribed to the idea that if you want healing done, the best people to do it should be necromancers. And this is my comic, so there! They are indeed the best healers around, heh.


I've been having trouble with the renders lately, with a panel taking a few hours to do. A page can take up to two days or so to render (well, the renders themselves are fine, but it's the lineart and brushstroke computations that are terrible), so I had to make an important decision. I'm going to be reworking the models to have fewer vertices, as well as reworking the Freestyle settings for better line computations. As such, Ashface's Daughter is going to be on hiatus for a while. Hopefully, it'll be back before summer 2019.

May 29, 2019

And here is where the previous run ended. So now, we go into uncharted territory, huzzah! On a less "huzzah" note though, now that we're caught up, it's back to the regular MWF schedule, so farewell daily updates, it was beautiful while it lasted!

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...(RockB) on Thu, 30th May, 2019

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(Strangely... can't say if it was for real or or me somewhat mentally handicapped... I think a few days ago I couldn't access the last 3 pages. Now I can, so it's all good.)

About necromancers being good healers, I'd argue that, because necromancy is about reviving the dead, a necromancer's way of healing could well be like "let 'em die, then I revive the corpse", therefore, they don't need to have any knowledge about healing. Alas, the Master is a special kind of necromancer, even though he is an undead skeleton himself, so "unexpected" things may happen.

(About computers: Once I was told that anti virus companies don't hire former hackers or virus writers, even though they could be expected to be the best to counter virus threats. Apparently reputation, even "has been"-reputation, is more important than knowledge & experience.)

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