02-06 Meet Aldebrand
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02-06 Meet Aldebrand

Mon, 24th Jun, 2019

BMR on Mon, 24th Jun, 2019

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See that floor there? That's another limitation with the current way I'm getting lines. It doesn't look great, but it doesn't look terrible either. I might tweak it further to get better results. Might be time I upgraded my computer, as it can be rather limiting when I have to weigh render times vs quality.

On a more positive note though, let's try an experiment. As of now, well, at the time I'm writing this which is quite different from when it gets posted, I've finished all of chapter two. So, as an experiment, I'm going to do updates Monday to Friday, because at the moment, the buffer can take it. I'm going to see if I'll still be able to produce pages that will keep up with this rate, as opposed to the MWF schedule. When Chapter Two ends (which my spreadsheet tells me will be on July 30), I'll take stock of the buffer and see if we'll be going back to MWF, or sticking to M-F.

I decided on this experiment mostly because my main goal is just to get this story out there. It's not exactly for monetary gain (although that would be pretty sweet) but mostly just because I like telling stories. And at the MWF schedule, it's going to take forever to tell this story. It'll still take quite some time with M-F, but it'll be a little faster at least.

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Haegan2005 on Mon, 24th Jun, 2019

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so sold!

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