02-12 Danger?  Hah!
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02-12 Danger? Hah!

Tue, 2nd Jul, 2019

BMR on Tue, 2nd Jul, 2019

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Right now, all those magic circles are unique to each character, but don't actually have any meaning to them in terms of what's written or drawn onto them. I might change that down the road, where in addition to being unique, each also has special meaning. Like, there would be rules regarding what lines and shapes convey what, so looking at a circle should be able to tell you something about the person. Right now though, they're mostly just random. Still, people can see the patterns, and experienced enough individuals (in-universe) would be able to tell who is doing the magic, or perhaps from whom you learned to cast spells by the similarities in the circles.

EDIT: My bad, this should have come out earlier but it seems I made a mistake with the setting the time. It should have come out midnight last night but it turns out it was set for 1900 today sorry about that, it's fixed now.

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