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Thu, 1st Aug, 2019

BMR on Thu, 1st Aug, 2019

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So, just a quick note, these intermissions are not canonical to the comic, so no, the Master does not have fourth-wall breaking powers. I just figured that if anyone would be able to do so for these intermissions, he would definitely be the best candidate.

And yeah, those ages can vary pretty widely, as no one learns at the same pace. A lot depends on talent and aptitude for whatever is being learned. And yeah, if a High Master is like being Einstein, then a Grandmaster, which is where the Master is at, is really, really powerful. Grandmasters for each field of magic are really once or twice an era sort of deals, and considering the Master is nearly a thousand and a half years old, he has had a lot of time to get even more powerful.

That has its own problems though, which will be discussed later on in the comic.

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...(RockB) on Sat, 3rd Aug, 2019

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Sorry for being that late, RL kept me away for some days.

Anna is really lucky. The higher the pupil gets in rank, the higher the teacher needs to be to teach 'em more, am I right?

BMR on Sat, 3rd Aug, 2019

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Absolutely, and they don't get much higher than the Master. She's also got a bunch of other people in the village who are willing to teach her, when usually you'd have to go and track down masters to guide you.

Well, you could learn by yourself, but that's a lot harder. In the same way that if you've got a bunch of books, you could make yourself just as educated as any dude with a PhD in computer science, but it's much easier if you have a mentor.

Also, she would have been learning since even before the age of 10, which is when most people start learning. In Anna's case, the Master has been teaching her pretty much since she could start to talk, so you could say she's "bilingual", in common speech and in magic, heh.

Also, no worries about posting, you're not obligated to. It's great that you do, but I wouldn't want anyone to feel pressured in that they have to do so :)

...(RockB) on Sun, 4th Aug, 2019

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Thank you for the additional explanation. :)

Also thanks for the "no worries" - it's good too know :) Commenting here is fun, but I can be late for some reasons beond my control :)

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