Meet Zahir
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Meet Zahir

Tue, 6th Aug, 2019

BMR on Tue, 6th Aug, 2019

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Here we have Zahir, an assassin in the employ of Orvar. Originally from the south in the Dominion, a place that will be talked about later on.

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...(RockB) on Thu, 8th Aug, 2019

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Here I thought "dark elf". Nur Not* sure why, the blue eyes might be a factor.

*: Edit, sorry, that was nearly unreadable but I don't see my own typos until a day later :P

BMR on Thu, 8th Aug, 2019

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Heh, understandable. But yeah, the people from the Dominion, where this dude is from, are supposed to resemble dark-skinned medieval Moors. So dark skin, and the occasional blue or green eyes. Might just be me, but I've found that folks from that region of the world have some of the most strikingly beautiful eyes I've seen.

Although... with this art style, it's rather difficult to convey that, heh.

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