03-14 Dire Rabbits Would be a Hare Raising Experience
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03-14 Dire Rabbits Would be a Hare Raising Experience

Sat, 31st Aug, 2019

BMR on Sat, 31st Aug, 2019

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So this page is late. Like, really, really late. If this is your first time reading the comic and you've just stumbled across this blurb, then ignore this, everything is fine...

Otherwise, I apologize. It wasn't until I was doing some housekeeping that I realized I had completely skipped this page. My bad. Thankfully, it wasn't anything too plot-relevant, but it does lessen the impact of Anna's joke later on. In order to fit this page in, I had to back-schedule it to a Saturday, messing up the M-F schedule. I had to do it that way, as the only other alternative would be to shift everything by one day, and that is not something I relish doing. Apologies again.

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...(RockB) on Mon, 4th Nov, 2019

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(Well, while I'm here... Maybe one should re-read every webcomic one likes again, the binge-reading way. It may unveil things that go unnoticed when reading a page after another with some interruption in between. Just saying, being aware this hardly applies to a web comic where the interruption are as short as they are here, except in special cases like this page :) )

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