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14-10 You Said It Wouldn't Hurt... Again...

Fri, 30th Sep, 2022

BMR on Wed, 28th Sep, 2022

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The page title is a callback to a really old page from chapter two. Man, the art has changed a whole lot since then. For the better, I like to think, heh. I am tempted to go back and redo all of that old art, but that would probably be an exercise in madness, as I'd get stuck in a neverending loop of redoing art as I got better. Much better to just focus on future chapters.

Also, panel three? The most terrifying panel I have ever done. But that might just be me.

And on a related note, I'm pretty sure that legally speaking, Joakim probably could order Anna's arrest for harming him. Whether or not there would really be people lining up to carry out his order though, that's a different question entirely. However, I'm also pretty sure that as soon as Galen got wind of it, he would use his power to void the arrest order. And then he'd attempt to bring Anna into his employ, making her Joakim's personal trainer in order to force him to toughen up and not resort to underhanded tactics like getting her thrown into a dungeon for beating him in a fight. And he'd throw all sorts of resources Anna's way to get her to do her job better. Definitely wouldn't actually happen though, as I doubt Joakim's the type to go through with something like that, as it was only said in jest.

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Delta-v on Wed, 28th Sep, 2022

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"It's shameless the way they flirt." (with apologies to Calvin and Hobbes.) ^^

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