Cast of Characters

Anna Dreschner

Precocious, sarcastic, and as confident in herself as any twelve-year-old can be. She's home alone quite often, what with her father being out on business a lot of the time. She's grown to be quite independent, and with a village full of elite warriors and mages, she's never had a shortage of people willing to teach her all they know.

Species: Human, Partelos
Age: 12
Height: 151 cm (4'11.4")
Weight: 37 kgs (81.57 lbs)
Likes: Books, Magic, Enchanting stuff, Seed cakes, Swords and other sharp pointy things, Her father
Dislikes: People who waste her time, Cold weather, Cheese, Throwing knives, Small yappy dogs

First Appearance: Chapter 0 - Page 0: Ashface's Daughter

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Hartwig Amsel

Bitter, angry, and cynical, Hartwig is one of a pair of bandits who attempted to rob Anna. He and Frode mostly travel throughout the various duchies of the Aldanian Empire, earning their way through petty thievery. They're not too good at it though, but they do their best.

Species: Human, Feldanos
Age: 32
Height: 166 cm (5'5.4")
Weight: 67 kgs (147.71 lbs)
Likes: Frode, Money, Gold, Cash, Mince pie, Finances, Horses
Dislikes: Nobles, Officers, Aritocracy, People in general, Himself

First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 2: How Not to Rob a Store

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Frode Holzknecht

Optimistic, positive, but can at times be a bit too supersitious and naive. He is filled with wide-eyed cheerfulness and loves hearing stories from all over the empire. He tends to think the world is black and white, good and evil. And if it's not, then it should be.

Species: Human, Aldanian
Age: 25
Height: 188 cm (6'2.0")
Weight: 78 kgs (171.96 lbs)
Likes: Hartwig, Stories, Poetry, Roasted chestnuts, Long walks under a beautiful starlit sky
Dislikes: Evil people, Vile necromancers, Artichokes, Monsters, Liars, Horses

First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 2: How Not to Rob a Store

Sardar Demir

Patient, understanding, and intellectual, Sardar is quite the opposite of what you'd think of when you hear the words "orc warlor", which is exactly what he was during the Master's War. Nowadays, he prefers to talk things out, resorting to compromise and understanding, rather than broken femurs and bloodied skulls.

Species: Orc
Age: 174
Height: 203 cm (6'7.9")
Weight: 138 kgs (304.24 lbs)
Likes: His wife Deryn, His best friend (Rainard), His best friend's daughter (Anna, "Kitten"), Listening to a flowing river for hours on end, Painting, Experiencing the cultures of other people, Roast mutton
Dislikes: Bigots, Senseless violence, Cheese, Dairy products in general, That new-fangled style of "dancing" that's popular in the capital right now, because where's the art and grace in that nonsense?

First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 3: Ulshanderec's Balls!

The Master

Irreverent, carefree, and quite, quite silly, the Master is the village chief of Pagat Or, as well as one of the most powerful and notorious liches of the current era. He is Anna's teacher in necromancy, despite her occasional misgivings about his lack of seriousness.

Species: Lich
Age: 1474
Height: 181 cm (5'11.3")
Weight: 12 kgs (26.46 lbs)
Likes: Magic, Necromancy, Anna, Fluffy bunnies, Flowers, Ancient and forgotten secrets not meant for the mortal mind, Jasmine tea
Dislikes: Boredom, Boring stuff, Having to walk when he could instead fly, Pickles

First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 11: The Master

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Siward Bauer

Tough, grizzled, and loyal, Siward has served the imperial household almost all his life, starting from when he was a young soldier in the Master's War. He rose through the ranks, eventually coming to serve under Melker Aldane, the second prince, as captain of Joakim's bodyguards. He fell in the line of duty, while protecting the young prince.

Species: Human, Aldanian
Age: 62 (†)
Height: 183 cm (6'0.0")
Weight: 74 kgs (163.14 lbs)
Likes: His grandchildren, His wife whom he is now going to meet after many long years of being alone, Joakim Aldane, Melker Aldane, Honor
Dislikes: War, Violence, Orvar Aldane, Sander Aldane, Treachery, Deceit

First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 16: You Just Had to Say It

Joakim Aldane

Frail, sheltered, and meek, but quite intelligent and willing to learn. Joakim Aldane is the son of Melker Aldane, and is thus an imperial prince. He is rather timid and easily frightened by things, but he has a powerful intellect allowing him to analyze and adapt as the need arises. Unfortunately, his lack of confidence in himself severely limits his ability. His lack of any real friends also severely affects him.

Species: Human, Aldanian
Age: 14
Height: 162 cm (5'3.8")
Weight: 48 kgs (105.82 lbs)
Likes: Books, The grand temple-library of Kalia, Learning, Cartography, Calligraphy, Chess, Freedom, A few of his cousins
Dislikes: Violence, Loud sounds, Being cooped up in the castle all day, The Academy, Fish, His own lack of ability

First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 31: Back Home

Orvar Aldane

Cunning, devious, and ambitious, Orvar is Joakim's uncle, and the third prince of the Aldanian Empire. He is quite hungry for the throne, and is more than willing to resort to less than upstanding means to get what he wants. Particularly unsettling is his ability to quite easily separate his own feelings of affection for others, from his ambition and his need to trample over those in his way.

Species: Human, Aldanian
Age: 33
Height: 179 cm (5'10.5")
Weight: 65 kgs (143.30 lbs)
Likes: Magic, Power, Enchantment, Political intrigue, His father, His nephew Joakim
Dislikes: Violence, Blood, Sharp weapons, Dancing

First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 32: Something Grand

Zahir Elamin

Twisted, malicious, and sinister, Zahir is an assassin who works for Orvar Aldane. Originally a slave from the Ur Sefal Dominion to the south, he grew up alongside Orvar, serving as the prince's personal slave. He takes pride in his work as an assassin, as well as a rather inordinate amount of pleasure in executing his duties.

Species: Human, Ur Sefal
Age: 32
Height: 170 cm (5'6.9")
Weight: 59 kgs (130.07 lbs)
Likes: Knives, Torture, Bloodshed, Kittens, Poison, Political intrigue, Honey cakes
Dislikes: Melker Aldane, Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Anyone non-human really, Meat

First Appearance: Chapter 1 - Page 32: Something Grand

Melker Aldane

Honorable, powerful, and straightforward, Melker Aldane is the second prince of the Aldanian Empire and is Joakim's father. He is a military man at heart, believing that his rightful place in the world is not on the imperial throne, but instead on the battlefield, leading men and risking his life. He can be a bit gruff, but that is not to mean that he is uncaring. He loves his son deeply, even more so since his wife died when Joakim was but a child. As such, he has been a bit overprotective of the young prince, at times unintentionaly stifling the young boy.

Species: Human, Aldanian
Age: 38
Height: 198 cm (6'6.0")
Weight: 112 kgs (246.92 lbs)
Likes: Tactics, Strategy, Chess, Honorable combat, Law and justice, His brothers
Dislikes: Deceit, Politics in general, Magic, Court fashion and etiquette, Fish

First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 2: It's a Flashback!

Aldebrand Klossner

Friendly, kind, and deadly, Aldebrand is one of the few remaining Blade Masters in the world. Although as far as Blade Masters go, he is a relatively weak one, only just barely qualifying for the title. That said though, even just barely being a Blade Master still places him many, many tiers above even an expert swordsman. He and Sardar are good friends, and both have taught Anna hand-to-hand combat ever since she was little. Or rather, more little. He has refused to teach Anna how to use a sword though, insisting that she should be a bit older before she starts, though he may very well start teaching her now that she owns a sword (courtesy of Sardar).

Species: Dark elf
Age: 45
Height: 194 cm (6'4.4")
Weight: 82 kgs (180.78 lbs)
Likes: Swordsmanship, Anna, Gül, Venison, Cold weather (it reminds him of home), Playing the lute (even though he's utterly, mind-rendingly, terrible at it)
Dislikes: The Empire, The unjust treatment of his people, Politics

First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 6: Meet Aldebrand

Hugleikr Portner

Grim, reclusive, and serious, Hugleikr serves as the militia captain of the village. As a vampire, he doesn't quite like the sunlight, but he manages to tolerate it well enough while on patrol. He is rather no-nonsense, executing his duty without comment. He is extremely loyal to Anna's father, under whom he served during the War.

Species: Vampiric human
Age: 78
Height: 183 cm (6'0.0")
Weight: 61 kgs (134.48 lbs)
Likes: Ashface, Pagat Or, His wife
Dislikes: Sunlight, Idle chit-chat, People wasting his time

First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 9: Saved!

Prokopy Chlebek

Good-natured, all-loving, and quite jovial, Prokopy is a baker working in the village of Pagat Or. He is a bit slow, even moreso than other ogres, but he is very well-liked in the village as his child-like innocence and happiness is quite contagious, and no one has a bad thing to say about him. And any who would pick on him are met with quite, quite serious anger.

Species: Ogre
Age: 33
Height: 206 cm (6'9.1")
Weight: 162 kgs (357.15 lbs)
Likes: Sweets, Baking, Cooking, Children, Adults, All people in general, Laughing
Dislikes: Nothing really, he's quite the happy guy

First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 9: Saved!

Deryn Demir

Coquettish, incredibly intelligent, and fiercely terrifying in battle, Deryn is a powerful enchantress who served under Anna's father during the war. She is married to Sardar, something that comes as a surprise to those who don't know them. She is rather playful, hardly taking anything seriously (though definitely not to the extent of the Master). She is currently teaching Anna enchantment, although she does recommend that the young girl abandon enchantment and instead focus on necromancy, something for which the young girl has shown to have a great talent for.

Species: High elf
Age: 49
Height: 178 cm (5'10.1")
Weight: 63 kgs (138.89 lbs)
Likes: Her husband, Her adopted son, Magic, Tending her garden, Peace and quiet
Dislikes: Any who would hurt anyone in her extended family (they will be ground into paste and burnt with the fury of a thousand exploding suns)

First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 9: Saved!

Gül Peynirci

Playful, tomboyish, and always ready for a scrap, Gül is a young orc child who lives with her mother in the village. She practically hero-worships Anna, whom she sees as an awesome and incredibly cool older sister.

Species: Orc
Age: 8
Height: 128 cm (4'2.4")
Weight: 22 kgs (48.50 lbs)
Likes: Anna, Climbing trees, Anna, Playing in the forest, Anna, Helping her mother make pots, Anna
Dislikes: Having nothing to do, Cold weather, Cheese, Reading

First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 20: Village Life

Hadia Saaba

Gruff, abrasive, and ornery, Hadia is an old goblin who moved to Pagat Or a decade and a half ago. She is a blacksmith and farrier, working the forge with her adopted son, Tayeb. Her words and demeanor can be incredibly sharp, but all that hides a very kind and loving heart. She's the type of person you'd expect to scream and shout at kids for playing in her yeard and stealing the pie she had cooling on the windowsill, but would bake a pie the very next day and leave it on the same windowsill while making sure that it's a different flavor so the damn kids have some variety in their snacks, those blasted good-for-nothings. But don't tell her that, or she'll smack you upside the head with a stick.

Species: Goblin
Age: 52
Height: 124 cm (4'0.8")
Weight: 18 kgs (39.68 lbs)
Likes: Nothing, she hates the world, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. No, she wasn't smiling as she watched the children eating the cake she baked. Are you daft, or something? *SMACK UPSIDE THE HEAD!*
Dislikes: Everything, especially those blasted children who are eating her out of house and home with their pies and cakes and cookies

First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 21: Goblin Mom

Tayeb Saaba

Proud, confident, and slightly arrogant, Tayeb is a friend of Anna's, having known each other pretty much since they could walk. He is rather big for his age, and he is quite proud of his physical strength. While not quite a bully, his arrogance does make him belittle others at times. This doesn't work on Anna though, as despite the great size difference, Anna has had actual combat training as well as her magic, while Tayeb relies on brute strength alone. He rather idolizes Anna's father, believing him to be everything a man should be.

Species: Human, Aldanian
Age: 14
Height: 175 cm (5'8.9")
Weight: 83 kgs (182.98 lbs)
Likes: Hard work, Ashface, Making beautiful tools and weapons out of raw steel brought to life in the heat of the furnace, Himself
Dislikes: Nobles, Weak people, Outsiders

First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 21: Goblin Mom

Rainard Dreschner

Mysterious, solitary, and very, very deadly, Rainard Dreschner (better known as "Ashface") is Anna's father and without question the most notorious assassin in the empire. He never takes off his mask, with only a few close friends and family knowing what he hides under it.

Species: ???
Age: ???
Height: 188 cm (6'2.0")
Weight: 75 kgs (165.35 lbs)
Likes: His daughter Anna, Pagat Or, His best friend (Sardar), Gardening (even if he's so bad at it he can kill a cactus)
Dislikes: Politics, Any who would harm his daughter, Cold weather, Alcoholic beverages

First Appearance: Chapter 2 - Page 30: Ashface

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Vigi Kaufer

Intelligent, meticulous, and meek, Vigi has served the imperial family for many years as a diviner and spymaster. He is a low master, which puts him above most other magic users, but is nothing extremely special when it comes to divination. His skills, however, are in his logistical abilities and keen mind for organization management. As such, he is highly valued by Orvar Aldane who shows him a great deal of respect.

Species: Human, Aldanian
Age: 70
Height: 170 cm (5'6.9")
Weight: 48 kgs (105.82 lbs)
Likes: Organization, Properly sorted files, Paperwork, Order, Magical tinkering
Dislikes: Disorganized people, Misfiled paperwork, Improperly sorted documents, Sticky food

First Appearance: Chapter 3 - Page 2: Imperial Stuff

Baugulf Bernhard

Angry, savage, and powerful, Baugulf Bernhard is one of the few remaining high druids in the Aldanian Empire, and wields power to match. He seems to have some sort of history with the Master, but just what that history is remains to be seen. He currently reports to Zahir, and seems to have been tasked with finding prince Joakim.

Species: Human, Aldanian
Age: 56
Height: 183 cm (6'0.0")
Weight: 98 kgs (216.05 lbs)
Likes: Nature, Animals (particularly bears), Geneve, Strawberries
Dislikes: The Master, The Master, The Master, The Master, The Master

First Appearance: Chapter 3 - Page 21: Caerbannog