12-24 This Guy, er...  Specter, Again!
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12-24 This Guy, er... Specter, Again!

Thu, 7th Jul, 2022

BMR on Thu, 7th Jul, 2022

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At least this specter thing is having a bit of a better showing than the last time we saw him. Something I'm learning with Blender 3.2 is just how useful it is to have a well-built pose library. Sure, previous versions of Blender had the ability to make a pose library, but the older version of it was quite clunky and hard to work with. The new asset library has made building and storing poses much, much easier. Before this, I would pose everything in scene. Well, I still do that now, but because I've started building up a pose library, it cuts down on the amount of work needed.

I store basic poses that can then be adjusted to fit the scene properly. Of course, I don't use the stored poses as-is, because then things would start looking very same-y. But in the same way that most characters use the same base, I'm able to use that pose library to start out with, which reduces the workload. And as lazy as I am, anything to reduce the workload is always welcome, heh.

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