04-20 Black, White, and Gray
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04-20 Black, White, and Gray

Fri, 8th Nov, 2019

BMR on Fri, 8th Nov, 2019

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And then he chucked a spear into the other guy's chest, thus ending the threat completely. And they all lived happily ever after!


Ah, who am I kidding? In a setting with this many over powered characters, no way is one of the first major antagonists going down like a chump with a measly spear in his aorta.

And yeah, Frode is being a teeeeensy bit of a hypocrite here. But hey, I'm not going to be the one to call him out on it just yet, who knows? He may turn out to be a decent guy after all. Or not. We'll see.

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Thracecius on Fri, 8th Nov, 2019

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Well, I'm sure that in Frode's mind he's not culpable for Kat's apparent death, so it strikes me as realistic that he still believes that killing kids is wrong. Sometimes the greatest changes in character come immediately after a big mistake, other times after some time for reflection has passed, especially after facing a situation like this one. Frode doesn't strike me as being particularly adept, mentally speaking, but at least he is honest about his beliefs and seems to be relatively consistent in his self-preservation centered worldview, which may be selfish, but is hardly criminal, particularly in a Medieval fantasy setting where death seems to lurk around every corner.

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